Laravel is renowned for its elegant syntax and robust features, making it a favorite among PHP developers. To further enhance productivity and streamline the development process, premium paid tools are invaluable. Hereā€™s a comprehensive guide to the top 20 Laravel premium tools you should consider integrating into your projects in 2024.

1. Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is an essential server management tool tailored for Laravel applications. It automates server setup, SSL installation, and database backups, supporting various hosting providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS.

2. Laravel Vapor

Laravel Vapor is a serverless deployment platform for Laravel, designed to leverage AWS Lambda for infinite scalability without the need to manage servers.

3. Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova offers a beautifully designed administration panel for managing your Laravel applications. It is highly customizable and integrates seamlessly with existing projects.

4. Laravel Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer ensures zero-downtime deployments for PHP and Laravel applications. It supports multiple deployment hooks and integrates with source control platforms like GitHub and Bitbucket.

5. Laravel Spark

Laravel Spark provides a robust starting point for building SaaS applications, featuring subscription billing, team management, and invoicing out-of-the-box.

6. Tinkerwell

Tinkerwell is a powerful REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) tool for Laravel and PHP applications. It allows developers to run code directly within the application context, facilitating quick debugging and testing.

7. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is a popular IDE with extensive support for Laravel. It offers advanced features like code completion, debugging, and database tools, making it a go-to choice for many developers.

8. Mailgun

Mailgun provides powerful APIs for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. It integrates seamlessly with Laravel through packages like Laravel-mailgun.

9. Sentry

Sentry is an error tracking and performance monitoring tool that integrates with Laravel to help you identify and fix errors quickly.

10. Laravel Shift

Laravel Shift automates Laravel application upgrades, ensuring your codebase is up-to-date with the latest Laravel versions.

11. Algolia

Algolia provides a fast and reliable search API that integrates with Laravel, offering powerful search functionality for your applications.

12. Laravel Backup

Spatie Laravel Backup is a comprehensive tool for backing up your Laravel applications, supporting various storage options, and providing notifications for backup status.

13. Ploi

Ploi is a server management tool similar to Forge, offering a wide range of features for deploying and managing your Laravel applications.

14. Cloudflare

Cloudflare provides robust CDN and security services, integrating easily with Laravel to enhance performance and security.

15. Clockwork

Clockwork is a development tool for PHP, provides extensive insights into your Laravel applicationā€™s performance and debugging information.

16. Blackfire

Blackfire is a performance management tool that integrates with Laravel to help you identify and fix performance bottlenecks.

17. Rollbar

Rollbar is an error monitoring and management tool that integrates with Laravel, providing real-time error reporting and diagnostics.

18. Laravel Cashier

Laravel Cashier provides an expressive interface for managing subscription billing with Stripe and Paddle, making it ideal for SaaS applications.

19. MeiliSearch

MeiliSearch is an open-source search engine that offers a simple and fast search experience, integrating well with Laravel.

20. GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions offers powerful CI/CD tools that can be easily integrated with Laravel projects to automate testing and deployment workflows.


Investing in premium Laravel tools can significantly enhance your development workflow, improve application performance, and ensure a seamless deployment experience. Tools like Laravel Forge, Vapor, Nova, Envoyer, and Spark provide advanced features that cater to various aspects of web development, making them indispensable for professional developers in 2024.

By leveraging these premium tools, you can ensure your Laravel applications are robust, secure, and scalable, keeping you ahead in the competitive development landscape. For more details, visit the official pages of these tools and explore how they can fit into your projects.

By using these tools, you can take your Laravel development to new heights, ensuring efficiency, security, and scalability in your projects.



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