When it comes to building web applications, data presentation is crucial. Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework, offers a plethora of libraries and components to create dynamic and interactive tables and data grids. Whether you’re looking to display data elegantly or require complex features like sorting, filtering, and pagination, these Vue.js tables and data grid examples will help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Here are the best 10+ Vue.js tables and data grid examples for 2024 that you should consider for your next project.

1. Vuetify Data Tables

Vuetify is a popular Vue.js framework that provides a range of UI components, including powerful data tables. Vuetify’s data tables offer features like pagination, sorting, filtering, and custom templates. Its Material Design-inspired aesthetics make it a great choice for modern web applications.


  • Pagination and sorting
  • Customizable columns and rows
  • Inline editing
  • Server-side processing support

2. Bootstrap Vue Table

Bootstrap Vue combines the power of Bootstrap with Vue.js, offering a comprehensive set of components, including versatile data tables. These tables are fully responsive and integrate seamlessly with Bootstrap’s styling.


  • Responsive design
  • Extensive customization options
  • Support for complex data structures
  • Integration with Bootstrap utilities

3. Vue Tables 2

Vue Tables 2 is a highly flexible and easy-to-use table component for Vue.js. It supports a wide range of features, making it suitable for both simple and complex data presentation needs.


  • Pagination, filtering, and sorting
  • Custom templates
  • Server-side processing
  • Easy integration and customization

4. AG Grid Vue

AG Grid is one of the most powerful data grid solutions available. The Vue.js integration of AG Grid brings its high-performance features to Vue developers, making it ideal for handling large datasets and complex operations.


  • High performance and scalability
  • Advanced filtering, sorting, and grouping
  • Rich editing capabilities
  • Extensive API and customization options

5. Vue Good Table

Vue Good Table is a simple yet powerful table component for Vue.js. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to implement, with a focus on providing essential features without the complexity.


  • Pagination, sorting, and filtering
  • Custom column rendering
  • Multi-select rows
  • Server-side processing support

6. Buefy Table

Buefy is a lightweight UI component library for Vue.js based on Bulma, and it includes a robust table component. Buefy’s table component is easy to use and integrates well with Bulma’s responsive design system.


  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Integration with Bulma CSS framework
  • Customizable and extendable
  • Support for various table features like sorting and pagination

7. Quasar Table

Quasar Framework offers a comprehensive set of Vue.js components, including a highly versatile table component. Quasar tables are known for their performance and rich feature set, making them suitable for any project.


  • Virtual scrolling for large datasets
  • Inline editing and validation
  • Advanced filtering and sorting
  • Highly customizable and extensible

8. Element UI Table

Element UI is a popular Vue.js library that provides a wide range of components, including a robust table component. Element UI tables are highly customizable and come with numerous features out of the box.


  • Fixed header and columns
  • Multi-level column grouping
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Editable cells and rows

9. Keen UI Table

Keen UI is a Vue.js component library that is lightweight and takes inspiration from Google’s Material Design. The Keen UI table component is simple and elegant, offering essential features for data presentation.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Material Design aesthetics
  • Basic table features like sorting and pagination
  • Customizable through slots and props

10. PrimeVue DataTable

PrimeVue is a powerful UI component library for Vue.js, and its DataTable component is one of the most feature-rich options available. PrimeVue DataTable is perfect for enterprise applications that require advanced data handling.


  • Extensive filtering, sorting, and pagination
  • Row selection and editing
  • Export to CSV, Excel, and PDF
  • Responsive and customizable

11. DevExtreme Vue Data Grid

DevExtreme Vue Data Grid by DevExpress offers a robust solution for displaying and manipulating data in a grid format. It is highly customizable and supports a wide range of features necessary for building sophisticated data-driven applications.


  • High performance and virtual scrolling
  • Advanced data shaping features like grouping and summaries
  • Rich editing capabilities
  • Exporting and printing options


Choosing the right table or data grid component for your Vue.js application depends on your specific needs and project requirements. Each of these components offers unique features and benefits, from lightweight solutions like Vue Good Table and Buefy Table to more comprehensive options like AG Grid and PrimeVue DataTable.

By leveraging these powerful Vue.js tables and data grid examples, you can create highly interactive, user-friendly, and efficient data presentations in your web applications. Explore these options, evaluate their features, and select the one that best fits your project’s needs.

Note: Always refer to the official documentation for the latest updates and best practices.



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